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A Showroom that Embodies Timeless Principles of Design

Los Angeles has long had a reputation as a truly cosmopolitan city, with residents who embrace and understand the importance of timeless artistry in enhancing the quality of life. That’s why so many homeowners in L.A. have sought to imbue their homes with Spanish and Italian design principles – be they of the contemporary, traditional or classic style. That’s why it should come as no surprise that those seeking high-end European furniture in Los Angeles are always delighted by the acclaimed Naurelle showroom.

At Naurelle, we embrace taste, elegance and style in European style furniture – regardless of the era or school of thought that the piece originated from. That’s why we’re proud to display impeccably crafted modern, classic and traditional pieces in our showroom – a choice that many of our narrow-minded competitors would never dream of. That’s because our ingenious designers – led by acclaimed tastemaker Kayvan Nahai – understand that the principles of true quality and artistry are timeless, and quality can serve as a through line between even the most disparate schools of design.

Take for instance our round dining table and side chair in hand-carved wood in ivory finish with a glass top. It was crafted with the same eye toward elegance that ensures it is never ostentatious, and can perfectly stand alongside European modern furniture like our unique ceiling fixtures in Venetian glass with silver accents.

No matter what your tastes may be, contact the Naurelle design team to make them a reality. Not only can we execute precisely what you envision, but we’ll offer our own expert advice to take your design ideas and concepts to new heights of artistry.

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