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An Eye for Fine Furniture and Design

Naurelle’s owner and president, Kayvan Nahai, knows that a single piece of furniture is always a part of a larger whole. That’s why he has made the Naurelle showroom a wellspring of ideas and styles. Visitors – be they designers, interior decorators, homeowners, or anyone interested in creating a truly beautiful living space – know right away that they are visiting a space unlike any other furniture stores in Los Angeles. At Naurelle, all furnishings are created to be used as part of a larger whole – a home or living space that is also a living work of art.

With a selection that encompasses the very finest in traditional and contemporary furniture in Los Angeles, Naurelle’s location in the heart of the Beverly Boulevard furniture and design district offers visitors a unique opportunity to take in a wide variety of design concepts catering to a multiplicity of tastes and aesthetic philosophies. Mr. Nahai knows that all of his highly discerning customers have their own unique needs and preferences, and he is able to provide his clientele with the many options they need to make their household designs truly come alive. From bedroom and dining room sets to the latest in window treatments, lighting, and accessories, Naurelle is able to provide its customers with all of the options needed to truly make a room, or an entire house, come together.

Offering the very best in traditional and modern Italian furniture, as well as gorgeous furnishings from Spain and elsewhere, Naurelle is committed to offering its demanding and highly knowledgeable customers the finest possible selections. In addition, Mr. Nahai is also able to provide access to assistance with overall household design in many cases. To find out more, contact our offices or visit us during our regularly scheduled showroom hours.

Showroom Location

7970 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone:(323) 852-7007
Toll Free: (866) 628-7355
Email: [email protected]

   Showroom Hours

       Monday to Friday          10:00am–5:00 pm
       Saturdays          12:00pm–5:00 pm
       Sundays          By Appointment

   Showroom Hours

Mon - Fri ...... 10:00am–5:00pm

Sat ...... 12:00pm–5:00pm

Sun ...... By Appointment