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Class of Baroque Period through a Modern Lens Found at Naurelle

The Baroque period, in the 17th century, was all about extra flourishes and elegance. Borne from the extravagant fashion of King Louis XIV of France, modern baroque furniture still echoes this same sophistication. Cabinets may have twisted lines; there could be weighty moldings on armoires, and the lighting, of course, is just as lavish. The modern luxury furniture and lighting sold at Naurelle's high-end Beverly Hills showroom features pieces designed in Italy and Spain, and the baroque-inspired optionsin particular are a highlight detail. Every last embellishment contributes to the overall harmonious movement of the piece's design and would look great in any room.

Modern baroque furniture still has the flair that its originator appreciated, with the same flair for drama, but without the need to worry about antique pieces that require much more care than any other furniture you may purchase. In fact, modern baroque furniture ensures that you're not buying a counterfeit piece, as well, as there are many dishonest furniture vendors who would love to sell their trusting clientele a piece that is not authentic. The modern Baroque Italian design furniture from Naurelle is true to that era, but with more modern flourishes, such as sofas with silver flourishes, black lacquer coffee tables, and gorgeous settee chairs to accompany the sofa.

Clients may also be interested in luxury contemporary furniture for the bedroom, of which there is plenty to choose from in the Baroque style. Your personal sanctuary could have a luxurious, large mirror with a solid hardwood frame, and a large canopy bed in the center. If the Baroque period influences your style, turn to Naurelle for inspiration!