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Classic, Traditional, and Modern Italian Furniture for Every Room

The classic, traditional, and modern Italian furniture collection at Naurelle is indisputably expansive. While certain pieces and household accessories clearly fit into one of the three categories, many of our bedroom collections or individual pieces fuse contemporary aspects with classic features. The gorgeous table-top statues or urns displayed in the Naurelle showroom are reminiscent of some of the finest sculptures in Italian art. Gold-plated, crystal chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures add grandeur and richness to dining rooms, foyers, or other rooms outfitted with the contemporary furniture from Los Angeles based Naurelle.

It is not uncommon for many new or returning customers desiring the latest European style furniture to also seek guidance in fashioning a dining room or bedroom, or in pairing selected lighting fixtures, table accessories, or wall sconces with sofas, desks, or chairs already in their possession. Owner Kayvan Nahai and his support staff help clients coordinate their new Naurelle pieces so that the proper aesthetic is achieved in each and every room of the house. Mr. Nahai structures his professional responsibilities in such a way that he might visit customer’s homes to make proper design recommendations. When he arrives at the given home for a personal consultation, he suggests the proper pieces or sets to breathe life into a common room or bedroom. He suggests proper placement of every piece to make the most of each space.

Visit the Naurelle showroom today to inspire the interior designer in you. Visit us during business hours on Monday through Saturday or by appointment on Sunday. Call 323-852-7007 for further information.

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