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Classical and Modern Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting is critical in any space. After all, without light, there’s nothing to see and therefore no design. At the same time, the appearance of the source of the light – a lamp, fixture, or chandelier – can be the most spectacular element of dining rooms, living rooms, and other spaces where company may gather. At Naurelle, our highly discerning clientele can choose from among the countless beautiful selections in our assortment of classic lighting and contemporary lighting catalogs.

Classic Lighting

Our classic lighting selections are influenced by the centuries-long legacy of European beauty and opulence. We’ve come a long way technologically since the days of chandeliers with candles and gas lamps. Stylistically, however, we can hold on to the timeless beauty of households of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries before electricity became a must.

Naurelle offers painstakingly crafted chandeliers made of the finest wrought iron and adorned with Bohemian crystal, as well as the finest in classic-style table lamps, and lighting fixtures. Their designs may not be so different from what might have been seen in the homes of nobility in pre-revolutionary France, well-to-do Italian households during the time of patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi, American industrialists during the late 18th Century Gilded Age, and aristocrats in the World War I Downton Abbey period in the United Kingdom.

Contemporary Lighting Options

Our contemporary options take us into the 21st century with crystalline creations from leading-edge artisans with futuristic flair, imagination, and plenty of glamour. These are designs that aren’t afraid to embrace a blend of beauty and razzle-dazzle that you might see in lavish resort hotels and restaurants, as well as in more spectacular homes where the owner appreciates unusual or even outré touches guests won’t forget. These exciting chandeliers, lamps, and fixtures go boldly into spaces that acknowledge our increasingly science-fiction world. They sport mind-blowing shapes, colors, and brilliance, avoiding the mundane at every turn.

Naurelle’s catalog offerings also offer more restrained, but no less imaginative, gallery lighting designs. These fixtures are marked by stunning beauty in the form of blue Venetian and white Venetian crystal highlighting opulent yet tasteful chandeliers and fixtures that can help turn any home, office, or public space into a true work of art. These are pieces that blur the line between lighting and the finest in contemporary sculpture.

Naurelle for Unforgettable Spaces

Naurelle was founded by Kayvan Nahai with the mission of helping homeowners, designers, and others to bring the finest in Italian and European beauty to all types of public and private areas. Since 1981, he has become renowned as a leading expert in the role of furnishings, lighting, and accessories in interior design. Mr. Nahai is a true citizen of the world, spending a large portion of his time overseas in search of the finest products from Italy, France, and the whole of Europe.

The spectacular Naurelle showroom is located at 7970 Beverly Boulevard in the heart of the Beverly Hills adjacent Los Angeles design district. It is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. We are also open by appointment on Sundays. Whether you are the owner of a home or other property or a designer looking for ways to create truly extraordinary spaces, Mr. Nahai and our team are looking forward to serving you. For more information call us at the number on your screen.