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“Avant garde” was originally a French military term for advance patrols that would go out in front of an army and lead the way into more dangerous territory. New York’s MOMA tells us it was first used in its present meaning in the 19th century and means “any artist, movement, or artwork that breaks with precedent and is regarded as innovative and boundaries-pushing.”

The addition of our Avant Garde collection to Naurelle’s line of outstanding contemporary furniture catalogs has us thinking about the traditional role of design that goes beyond tradition in furnishings and home designs. Avant garde in other fields might refer to once-shocking movements such as surrealism, cubism, or abstract art. However, when it comes to furniture in this catalog, we’re talking more about bold, innovative approaches that still always keep comfort and beauty in mind. No one particularly wants to sit on a melting surreal sofa a la Salvador Dali, a cubist chair reminiscent of Picasso, or eat at a messily abstract Jackson Pollack dining room table. Being at the vanguard in beautiful furniture should be about being bold, but not outré. Even in the most abstract arts, yesterday’s avant garde is very often today’s mainstream.

While some high-end furniture makers create furnishings that are interesting to look at but which most of us would find difficult to live with, Naurelle prefers to bring our highly discerning clientele work that may either be highly traditional or extremely contemporary but always emphasizes beauty, comfort, durability, and practicality, whether it is wholly of our present moment or hearkening back to a glorious past.

The Avant Garde Catalog

The catalog features a seemingly endless choice of options. Gold-accented Richmond brings a nouveau retro sensibility with a look that might look equally appropriate in the 1930s or the 2030s. Reggaeton is an approach to the classic living room sofa as exciting as the popular style of Latino Caribbean dance music. It also includes Zoe armchairs; two-toned circular armchairs with a welcoming, abundant shape and clean lines that offer the latest and best innovations in comfort. Sideboards and credenzas from Mirage are gorgeous creations featuring a stunning peacock design.

For restaurateurs and people who want their home to be a real destination, the Harry and Glenda collections offer ivory and gold adorned bar units and liquor cabinets, plus attractive, comfortable, durable, and beautiful stools. Finally, the Metropol living room/dining room set is a striking yet tasteful living room and can make any home a memorable destination.

For those looking for something beyond the ordinary for the office, Enea, Numa, and Aura offer new shapes that please the eye while never distracting. These are beautiful swivel chairs and finely wrought desks that make an impression while adding elegance and style to a workday.

Innovations in Fine European and Italian Furniture at Naurelle

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