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Creating the Perfect Home

For truly discerning homeowners, there’s a great deal more to turning a bare house into a home than simply filling it with furniture. For a home to be truly special, and to truly express the personality and stylistic sensibilities of its owners, each item needs to be selected with the most careful attention to the overall design scheme of the home. Naurelle’s owner and president, Kayvan Nahai, is an expert in assembling just the right collection of traditional and contemporary furniture Los Angeles’s homeowners and designers need to create the perfect home for an individual or family.

Few furniture stores in Los Angeles, or anywhere else, offer the selection of superb high-end modern and traditional furnishings and accessories that can be seen at the Naurelle showroom and here on its web site. Each piece is beautiful in its own right, but is at its best when it is part of a creatively designed whole. Whether the items in question are an exquisite dining room set, stunning Italian bedroom furniture, gorgeous and supremely functional chairs or sofas, or lighting fixtures and other accessories, they all offer a plethora of opportunities to transform an empty room into a unique and very comfortable living space.

Whether you are a designer or interior decorator in search of exciting concepts, or a homeowner wishing to express yourself through your own personal design choices, Mr. Nahai is here to help you make the ideal choices that, taken together, will not only turn a house into a home, but also into a genuine work of art and self-expression. He and his friendly and professional staff look forward to working with you.

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