Naurelle Furniture & Lighting
Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in Los Angeles. They feature the finest European classic, modern, and traditional designs, and are able to ship all over the US and anywhere in the world.
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Nowhere is the relationship of form to substance better understood than in architecture and design. Furniture making at Naurelle draws its inspiration from these two disciplines. Exquisite designs are masterfully executed as the synergy between form and substance, and art and design, are nurtured and evident in every endeavor. The rich tradition of the past and edge-driven modernism of today are united at Naurelle by sheer determination - always to create and achieve the best, whatever the style.

Dedicated to elevating the art, we are always in pursuit of new ideas and inspirations. In partnership with the finest artisans and dedicated factories in Italy, the transformation of ideas to reality is ongoing and organic. This is evident in the continuous roll-out of original designs.

For clients who are able to wait 3-6 months before the completion of their projects, the breadth of selection and customization knows no bounds. The journey begins on site at the home, where the layout, room shapes, ceiling heights, and natural lighting are studied. This service is offered as a courtesy to all of our clients. Floor plans and renderings follow and the partnership between the client and design team is forged to create beautiful designs that are also functional and a true expression of the values and lifestyle of those who inhabit the space. This is so well understood by the design team that sees and creates contextual beauty - one that feels personal, innovative, and exciting.