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Discover the Finest in Italian and Spanish Furnishings

For aficionados of timeless artistry, most furniture stores in Los Angeles simply can't provide the sufficient level of craftsmanship in their furnishings. Too often, furniture stores seem to be beholden to narrow, cliché ideas about traditional vs. contemporary style, and their designers and craftsman don't put the necessary energy into each individual furniture piece.

However, Naurelle has never been like most furniture stores. That's because our team operates under the watchful eye of company President Kayvan Nahai, whose taste for ingenuous and sophisticated Italian and Spanish furniture in Los Angeles is unparalleled within the field. Mr. Nahai understands that whether a furniture piece is designed with the principals of contemporary or classic design in mind is not nearly as important as a designer's ability to innovate, and their dedication to making use of the finest materials.

The expertise of Mr. Nahai is perhaps most apparent in the work of Naurelle's exclusive design division. The impeccable design team is capable of completely redesigning one's residence, from floors to the walls and ceilings – including all furnishings and lighting. They will also happily execute your customized design plan based upon your personal tastes, whether they lean toward the classic, the traditional or even the most innovative modern styles.

Luxury modern furniture can make all the difference in turning a house into a home, and for those who appreciate the most high quality artistry, it's common knowledge that there is no better option in L.A. than Naurelle. Don't hesitate to explore our showroom to see the brilliance of our collection for yourself.

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