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European Style Furniture and Designs by Naurelle

Are you prepared to refine your home with European style furniture by Naurelle? If you are fantasizing about luxurious pieces made in Italy and Spain which are highlighted by crisp detail and majestic embellishments – then yes, you are ready. Many of our fixtures are praised for their lavish carvings and refinement. We are not in the business of being ordinary; we are in the business of being extraordinary!

Kayvan Nahai, the President of Naurelle ensures that all of our European furniture epitomizes ingenuity and taste. That is one reason why we have been chosen to design for many grand hotels, commercial showrooms and residential homes around the world since 1981. Designing with any other company is at best, 2nd best. For all preferences, whether you prefer classic, modern or traditional styles, you will find our pieces to be the most unique and jaw-dropping. And for any area in the home, family room, den, living room or kitchen, our pieces will stand out – converting any room into the favorite room of the house.

Naurelle also specializes in Italian bedroom furniture. We have sophisticated beds and innovative fabrics accompanied by bejeweled comforters and white satin bedding. Our bedrooms have been said to look majestic. You will feel like you are sleeping like a princess, or prince, when you are slumbering in a bedroom designed by Naurelle. Some designs incorporate loose golden and purple fabrics to give an illusion of a canopy while others include a full draping cover.

No matter which room you choose to furnish with Naurelle today, you’ll know you’ve made the most beautiful choice tomorrow!

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