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Fill Your Home with Luxury

The way your home looks can change your entire point of view. Your home is the place you go after a long, hard day at work. It’s where you bring over guests who you’re looking to impress. It’s also where you raise your family. That’s why you need to fill it with beautiful pieces of furniture that will make you feel proud to call a house a home. At Naurelle showroom with offer the best in Italian style furniture for people with discerning taste.

Naurelle is unlike other Italian furniture stores largely because of its founder and president, Kayvan Nahai. For over 30 years, Mr. Nahai has studied and explored the worlds of Italian furniture. Naurelle is brimming with furniture pieces that meet at the intersection of gorgeous art and exquisite Italian design. The craftsmanship in each furniture piece is a quality that can last a lifetime. And since the classic, traditional, and modern styles of Italian furniture a timeless, that lifetime of use can be just as enjoyable as the first day you filled your home with its beauty.

Naurelle is perhaps the best resource there is for finding Italian modern furniture to fill your home from top to bottom. Whether you’re just looking for one piece to tie the room together, a full room worth of furniture, or an entire home makeover, we can help you find everything that perfectly fits your tastes. We also offer customization services so that you can have your authentic Italian furniture looking just like you want it.


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   Showroom Hours

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