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Find the Finest European Furnishings at our Showroom

At Naurelle, aficionados of European furniture in Los Angeles will find the sort of exquisitely crafted items that you would otherwise only expect to find in the finest showrooms of Italy and Spain. That’s because our visionary president, Kayvan Nahai, has cultivated designs that come directly from those artistically-minded regions.

The at Naurelle is a dazzling and utterly unique blend of the classic, modern and traditional – a bold stylistic choice that illustrates Mr. Nahai’s innovative mindset. The forward-thinking leader within the field recognizes that truly artful beauty transcends traditional labels of “contemporary” or “classic,” but will instead embody the elegance of the finest modern designs as well as the craftsmanship that Italian and Spanish classic furniture has been known for over the past several decades.

A fine example of the impressive artistry of the luxury contemporary furniture on display in the Naurelle showroom is our classically styled dining table in light walnut with satinwood finish and hand-painting, alongside a similarly crafted armchair and side chair. The meticulous crafting of the wood is the sort of skillful work you would only expect to find in the work of artisans in years past, while the simple elegance and innovative style represents the best of what is found in the most progressive modern showrooms and galleries.

Thanks to Naurelle, if you appreciate the fine European furnishings of Spain and Italy, you needn’t leave Los Angeles to bring dazzling beauty into your life. Our design team will even visit your home to help create the perfect floor plan for your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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