Naurelle Furniture & Lighting
Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in Los Angeles. They feature the finest European classic, modern, and traditional designs, and are able to ship all over the US and anywhere in the world.
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Hand-Crafted Italian Classic Furniture

Naurelle has offered luxurious and well-appointed modern and traditional Italian furniture, lighting fixtures, and Spanish classic pieces since its founding in 1981. With an elegant showroom in the heart of Los Angeles, Naurelle has created unique and sophisticated interior designs for numerous homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels. With founder and president Kayvan Nahai at the helm, Naurelle offers hand-chosen European classics to grace any space, whether as a stand-alone statement, or as part of a larger interior design landscape.

Mr. Nahai has traveled all over the world to study many cultures’ artistic and design traditions. After visiting many countries and learning about their craftsmanship, Mr. Nahai found that Italy offered some of the most exquisite pieces of furniture, drawn from a rich history going back many thousands of years. Italian craftspeople pride themselves on each piece’s perfect individuality, and Mr. Nahai brings that philosophy to Naurelle in Los Angeles. He is one of the premier interior designers Los Angeles residents and business owners trust, and his cultured clients know he will work with them to find the exact piece to suit not only a room, but the person in the room. With a focus on crafting individual works of art, Mr. Nahai’s skill and dedication help his clients develop the perfect synergy with furniture, textures, space, and light.

Join us in our showroom on Beverly Boulevard to view a variety of European treasures, including modern Spanish and classic Italian furniture, as well as hand-crafted light fixtures that suit each layout perfectly.