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How Do You Design a Truly Beautiful Space?

Beautiful spaces in residences or offices begin with a beautiful home or building but what goes inside each room makes all the difference. Finding the right furniture, lighting, and other fixtures – and then deciding where everything belongs – is how the world's finest spaces are made.

Naurelle is a furniture showroom based in the Los Angeles design district that is much more than just a showroom. We provide outstanding pieces made by the world’s finest European and Italian furniture makers. These pieces are beautiful on their own, but that's not enough. For the space to be the best it can be, furniture, lighting, and accessories must work in harmony. When everything is done in just the right way, the setting is a delight not only in aesthetic terms but also when it comes to being a comfortable place to live or work.

Where Do You Find Great Home/Office Design Concepts?

While we all have ideas about what we find beautiful, it’s difficult for most nonprofessionals to create the ideal setting without some help. Designers know more, of course, but they need access to the best furnishings to do their best work. Naurelle is a showroom specializing in the finest in Italian and European furnishings, offering an array of the best of the best in both contemporary and classic furniture styles. At the same time, we can also consult with clients and make suggestions about what pieces might belong in a given room – we are always ready to offer ideas that spark creativity and help our discerning clients realize their visions for any given space.

We are also ready to put together designs of our own. On the Naurelle projects page, we present a few of the designs that we’ve created for homes from Beijing to Burbank and Bel Air. All of these began by first talking to clients to determine their needs and desires; next, we worked with the world’s best furniture, lighting, and accessories makers to find outstanding pieces that will blend to create a truly stunning room.

Naurelle and Kayvan Nahai: A Sense of Design

Kavyan Nahai, our founder and a renowned furnishings expert, regularly travels around the globe looking for the finest furnishings. His vast knowledge is acclaimed by our broad range of demanding clients who give him credit for helping to make their homes and offices among the finest in the world.

Ready to Explore the World’s Finest Furniture?

To get started with Naurelle, please visit our contact page or call us at the number on your screen. You are also welcome to visit our Los Angeles showroom during regular hours or by appointment.