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Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in Los Angeles. They feature the finest European classic, modern, and traditional designs, and are able to ship all over the US and anywhere in the world.
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Impress with Impeccable Design

The design of your home is a window into your life. Not only does the type of furniture you have make an impact on your daily happiness, it also is a big part of making the right impression at important social engagements, business meetings, and more. At Naurelle, we are all about making strong impacts with many highly innovative and extremely beautiful Spanish and Italian modern furniture selections.
All of the furniture options at Naurelle have been handpicked by one of the greatest design eyes in the field. Kayvan Nahai is the President of Naurelle, as well as a leading design consultant who is sought after by clients from all over the world who need an expert’s eye. He personally chooses all of the traditional, modern, and classic Italian furniture featured in our showroom, down to the colors and fabrics. He’s also available as a consultant for clients who need a complete home makeover, as well as designers in need of consulting assistance.

Naurelle’s showroom features the best classic, modern, and traditional Italian furniture shipped straight from Europe for your pleasure. We offer a myriad of ornate options including bedroom sets, formal dining and living rooms, wall sconces, chandeliers, and much more. We also have amazing custom capabilities when ordering furniture, allowing you to select the exact fabric, finish, and size that will fit your space perfectly.

People who have luxurious and beautifully designed interiors are not just happier with their homes, they are more likely to make a lasting impression on all who enter. Come to our showroom and see firsthand how Naurelle can help improve the design of your home