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Italian Lamps

The exquisite Naurelle showroom offers the latest chic and painstakingly crafted Italian lamps Los Angeles residents seek. At our showroom in this creative West Coast capital, we present beautiful pieces that elevate homes, offices, and businesses. Our founder and president, Kayvan Nahai, offers personal consultations to discuss our clients’ design needs and artistic preferences, so that our furniture and lighting offerings present an outstanding match with all kinds of residences and offices.

Our showroom now displays the most elegant Italian lamps in Los Angeles. Whether you seek clean, simple lines from the most modern designers, a rustic metal and wood centerpiece, or a radiant and glittering chandelier, Mr. Nahai can find the perfect lighting fixture to warm the heart of any room. Contact us today to discuss how our lighting fixtures will complement our traditional and contemporary Italian furniture.

Italian Lamps for All Spaces

Italian craftsmen and designers are known for their skill and commitment to creating truly gorgeous fixtures. Naurelle’s showroom displays a variety of chandeliers, candelabras, and large lighting pieces. Of course, we not only offer superb lighting fixtures for large interiors, but Italian table lamps which accent offices, bedrooms, libraries, and more. Contemporary furniture in Los Angeles homes and businesses will exude sophistication with Mr. Nahai’s guiding hand to light the room.

From ornate table lamps with hand-wrought and gilded filigree, to modern floor lamps with simple, artistic designs, Mr. Nahai understands the breadth of Italian design offerings and heritage. Perfecting the flow of furniture from one room to another is vitally important when enhancing a living space, but it is just as important to ensure the furniture’s colors and textures are enhanced with graceful silhouettes created by the finest Italian lamps.

With an eye for Italy’s thousands of years of artisanship, Mr. Nahai selects Italian lamps to suit any space, whether a small corner office or a large foyer. It is difficult to underestimate how valuable a graceful lighting fixture can be when completing the design of a room. Italian table lamps bring out the rich tones and textures of matching European furniture. If you are interested in several pieces, Mr. Nahai offers in-home consultations to discuss such matters as what size lighting fixtures will best suit a given space, as well as where they should be located to enhance the beauty of each room.

Naurelle has offered exquisite and inviting Spanish and Italian luxury contemporary furniture since 1981. If you seek a crystal chandelier for your dining room, delicate glass lamps for a bar or restaurant, or even a simple, classic table lamp for your study, Mr. Nahai will guide you through Naurelle’s offerings to find the perfect piece to suit your home or office. Call us today at 323-852-7007 or visit our contact page for more information.

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