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Italian Modern Furniture Offers Simple Refinement

Fashions in clothing, music, and home decorating change seasonally. However, some pieces are so well designed, so elegant and enchanting, that the concept becomes classic. Like a tuxedo or diamonds, classic Italian furniture never goes out of style. Naurelle is the premier showroom in Los Angeles, presenting the most refined European furniture and lighting designs. All of our items have been hand-picked by founder Kayvan Nahai, who studied Italian interior design and craftsmanship in Italy itself.

There is more to traditional Italian furniture than a few gilded accents, specific upholstery choices, or wood carving techniques. Mr. Nahai not only understands the history and value of Italian interior design, but the aesthetic concepts behind how these pieces should properly accentuate the beauty of a room. Each item should not only look stately or lovely in its intended location, but it should enhance the entirety of the space, and make the whole house more captivating. Mr. Nahai promotes the European philosophy that a space should not just be for staying in, but it should be a work of art that enhances the lives of the people who live in the home.

Join us at Naurelle to also see our full showroom of Italian modern furniture. The simpler lines of modern pieces bring depth to a room’s architecture, bringing the personality of the space into full view. Mr. Nahai has 30 years of experience choosing craftsmanship of the finest quality, and he presents nothing less at Naurelle. Mr. Nahai is also available for interior design consultations for select clients.


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