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Luxurious European Furniture can Make any Home Glamorous

Luxurious furniture from Italy and Spain abounds in the Naurelle furniture showroom in Beverly Hills. Handpicked by Naurelle President Kayvan Nahai, these pieces exude sophistication and glamor that would make any home much more inviting and regal. Mr. Nahai has even lent his expertise to some of the most notable Los Angeles elite, including celebrities, so their home can be as beautiful as possible. With his knowledge of furniture, lighting and interior design, your home, too, can look as beautiful as possible with the straight luxury furniture from Italy and Spain.

Naurelle is an establish furniture and lighting retailer in Los Angeles, and savvy clientele come to the store because of the lavish traditional and modern Italian furniture they can browse and choose for their home. Naurelle stands apart from other furniture stores in Los Angeles because Mr. Nahai regularly makes home visits when customers want his advice in redesigning and revitalizing their home. Mr. Nahai is proud to offer this service to his clients, and helping them choose among the wide inventory of lighting choices found at Naurelle, too, whether that means a chandelier for the bedroom or a table lamp for the bedside, and wall sconces for the executive office.

The individualized services at Naurelle are just part and parcel of the exceptional customer service you'll find at this furniture store in Los Angeles. We invite you to come visit our world-renowned furniture showroom in Beverly Hills so you can feast your eyes on beautiful precious metals, crystal chandeliers, hand carved woods and other find materials.

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