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Luxury Furniture

In Los Angeles, it isn’t hard to find luxury furniture. However, there are few high end furniture stores that offer the same level of quality crafter furniture and lighting as Naurelle. Featuring the finest European classic, modern and traditional high end furniture designs to furnish your home and office, it is no surprise that Naurelle is quickly becoming the leader among high-end homeowners including many top celebrities.

Led by company president Kayvan Nahai, at Naurelle our goal is to epitomize luxury furniture pieces that transcend trendsin favor of ageless quality and ingenuity. Nahai’s own artistic eye and refined taste are on display in each piece at Naurelle, from our collection of classic and traditional furniture to our array of luxury modern furniture

As L.A.’s premier furniture showroom, our collection of modern pieces for the bedroom, dining room, office or even foyer all carry a common theme of function-first elegance. Streamlined and made from the finest materials, each piece is ingeniously designed to serve its purpose as simply and effectively as possible. Through this focus on function, our designers illustrate the exceptional beauty of each piece, used correctly.

With experience furnishing residential homes, commercial showrooms and grand hotels, our decades-long tradition of excellence is evidenced throughout the globe. To acquaint yourself with Naurelle’s expansive inventory, visit the Naurelle showroom today, located on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-852-7007. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so contact us today, and prepare for high end furniture and top-notch customer service at Naurelle.

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7970 Beverly Blvd.
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   Showroom Hours

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