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Naurelle has Mastered the Art of Italian Style Furniture

At Naurelle, our modern, traditional and classical Italian style furniture exudes sophisticated style and timeless craftsmanship. That's why we're able to provide aficionados of artistic furnishings in Los Angeles with a wide variety of classic, modern and traditional furniture offerings. While many Spanish and Italian furniture showrooms would balk at focusing on more than one furniture style, we understand that exquisite beauty can exist in any number of artistic categories, so long as its design is based on effective aesthetic principles.

What makes our furnishings stand apart from the competition? Simple – we rely on the refined tastes of our company president Kayvan Nahai. His ingenuity is on display from the choice of fabrics on a Spanish-style sofa, to colors, and finishes of our Italian bedroom furniture. Whether you're seeking out an ornate, classical chandelier and matching wall sconce in order to accent a room with grandeur, or a contemporary lighting option that exudes elegant simplicity, you'll find what you're looking for amid our collection.

Mr. Nahai has the eye and talent of a designer, and he has built a design team that is renowned across the globe. In fact, Naurelle has designed for residential homes, commercial showrooms and grand hotels all around the world since our company's founding in 1981. Whether you're looking to add eye-catching artistry to your private residence or a commercial building, trust our team to imbue your dwelling with true European sophistication. Our furniture is ready for immediate shipping within the U.S. and throughout the world.

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