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Old World Furniture

If you’re looking for stunning, yet tasteful European furniture, you need only look to Naurelle. Based in Los Angeles, our high-end showroom has garnered acclaim throughout the globe for providing innovative interior design pieces for many high-end clients, including various celebrities.

At Naurelle, Old World furniture is designed with all the top quality materials and charm you’ve come to expect from European style, but also with ingenious functionality that ensures space is always used effectively. Whether you’re seeking ornate, traditional furniture designs, elegant modern pieces or timeless classic furniture, you’ll find an artistic sense of craft and high-end sophistication.

Spanish furniture from top Naurelle craftsmen is immediately identifiable for its authentic feel, and for the functionality known to all Old World furniture at Naurelle. While some items in our collection of Old World furniture are made in the unmistakable style of a Spanish style home, they also feature the innovative, one-of-a-kind style that has led many high-end homeowners to have us furnish their complete homes.

While we are best known for our high-end customized furniture, perhaps what makes us truly unique is our willingness to work with clients from a variety of budget ranges. We believe the comfort and aesthetic appeal of top-quality furniture should be enjoyed by all who appreciate the luxurious of life. That’s why we offer a free consultation to each client, in which we help figure out how to best bring the elegance and style of Naurelle to every customer.

To acquaint yourself with Naurelle’s expansive inventory, visit the Naurelle showroom today, located on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-852-7007.

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