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Spanish and Italian Furniture from Naurelle Defies the Ordinary

Throughout Southern California, Italian and Spanish furniture have long been a hallmark of sophisticated style. That's why it should come as no surprise that the premier name for high-end furniture is Naurelle. In Los Angeles, the Naurelle name reflects taste, elegance and style, and our European furniture exudes these qualities, thanks in large part to the work of our master craftsmen and designers.

At Naurelle, we feature the finest classic, modern and traditional designs, from formal dining and living rooms to ornate entryways and master bedrooms. We're certainly not the only high-end designer in Los Angeles, but we're the only one that benefits from the insight and artistic vision of Kayvan Nahai. As President of Naurelle, Mr. Nahai brings a breathtaking sense of quality to the fabrics, colors and finishes that make up our furnishings.

Each piece of Spanish and Italian furniture in our collection is handpicked from Mr. Nahai, while many are designed and crafted by our world-class team of designers. Aside from exquisite artistry, our furnishings are perhaps best known for their ability to embody the best of classic, modern and traditional design categories.

At most showrooms, the thought of contemporary, traditional and classic pieces existing side by side might be all but unheard of. Here, though, our furnishings are connected by a through line of timeless quality and meticulous attention to detail. We understand that true craftsmanship transcends traditional categories, and we proudly offer the finest options for connoisseurs of the classic, traditional and modern alike. Discover our furnishings for yourself either online or in person.

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