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Stand Out in Los Angeles with the Finest Home Furnishings

For Los Angeles residents seeking the finest in luxury furniture, there's no shortage of stores and showrooms. However, in general, furniture stores in Los Angeles all suffer from the same problem – furnishings that have the same cookie-cutter look and feel. They may be individually impressive, but when every piece looks the same, the artistry is simply lost. That's why the Spanish and Italian furnishings on display at the renowned Naurelle showroom so thoroughly stand out among the offerings at other high-end furniture stores.

Simply put, Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in LA – thanks in large part to the work and expertise of our company President, Kayvan Nahai. The impeccable taste that Mr. Nahai brings to the company is on full display in our various Spanish and Italian furniture offerings in styles that transcend the boundaries of classical, traditional or modern styles.

Mr. Nahai has the eye and talent of a first-rate designer, and at Naurelle, he has built a team that is similarly dedicated to outfitting client's homes with the ideal furnishings for their specific tastes. From ingeniously constructed contemporary lighting solutions to the breathtaking ornate precision found in classical chandeliers and dining furniture, you'll find all the furnishings you need to ensure your home stands out even in the most elite Los Angeles neighborhood.

For aficionados of fine art and furniture design home and floor design is a truly compelling challenge. But as any artist will tell you, any truly exceptional piece of work is only as impressive as the resources used to create it. To experience the best in Italian and Spanish artistry, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Naurelle.

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