Naurelle Furniture & Lighting
Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in Los Angeles. They feature the finest European classic, modern, and traditional designs, and are able to ship all over the US and anywhere in the world.
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Stylish Modernity and Timeless Tradition at Naurelle

Style-minded Los Angeles residents are always in the market for well-crafted luxury furniture, and throughout the city, there is no shortage of galleries and showrooms displaying truly impressive furnishings in the traditional, classic and modern style. However, it is incredibly rare that you would ever see European modern furniture side by side with classic offerings that have stood the test of time – and yet, at the Naurelle showroom, we’re proud to provide precisely that.

Among the most elite furniture craftsman and designers, the name Naurelle has come to reflect taste, elegance and style – and we believe that these traits can be displayed in any style. In fact, this commitment to top quality and ingenuity is one of the primary through lines that connects our Spanish and Italian furnishings from a variety of eras.

Though traditional European style furniture is often heralded for its impeccable craftsmanship and ornate, even lavish design, the contemporary designers are lauded for hewing to principles of simplicity and utility. Yet, the truly brilliant dining, living room and office furniture, lighting and other design accessories nearly always feature the best of all of these elements – transcending traditional labels as they approach the sublime.

Led by the acclaimed tastemaker Kayvan Nahai, the team at Naurelle is proud to eschew antiquated ideas about design in favor of true ingenuity. Our design team is able to execute a number of design schemes that are limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re seeking a traditional, classic or modern look for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Naurelle.