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Finding truly excellent high-end Italian style furniture is harder than you might think. Many furniture stores claim that they have the latest and greatest furniture pieces made by innovative designers or found in unique shops abroad. However, that is not always the case. At Naurelle, we believe in offering our clients authentic luxury furniture that really does come from the top designers in Italy, Spain, and across Europe. That’s what makes Naurelle the leading resource for finding a few furniture pieces or furnishing your entire home with lavish and unique designer pieces.

Naurelle is led by Kayvan Nahai, the company’s president, who not only uses his keen eye to be a design consultant for interior designers and individuals. He also handpicks every piece of furniture offered in his store, right down to the fabrics and colors used in the Italian modern furniture featured on this site. His designer’s eye has been used to design residential homes, commercial showrooms, and grand hotels all over the world. He is truly the designer trusted to make the right choices to please a wide range of styles and tastes. Since 1981, Nahai has made home design into an art form.

Whether you just want one elegant piece of Italian furniture or you’re looking to fill your home with an array of ornate pieces, Naurelle is the resource you can trust to offer incredible furniture you can’t find elsewhere. There’s no need any more to go to Europe to find Italian furniture stores with everything you could want. Call today to set up an appointment or stop by during our regular showroom hours.

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