Naurelle Furniture & Lighting
Naurelle is the premier high-end furniture and lighting showroom in Los Angeles. They feature the finest European classic, modern, and traditional designs, and are able to ship all over the US and anywhere in the world.
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The Name Naurelle is Synonymous with Timeless Design

Throughout Southern California, the name ‘Naurelle” is synonymous with taste, elegance and style, thanks to our acclaimed showroom that features the best in European furniture. However, while the ingenuity and talent of our design team is without question, what many fail to recognize is our ability to synthesize the best of various eras of Spanish and Italian design.

While many aficionados of luxury furniture and artistic design would never dream of featuring traditional, classic and modern European furniture in a single showroom, that’s precisely what you’ll find at Naurelle. Yet, this fact never crosses the minds of many of our guests, simply because these different styles work together so seamlessly in our showroom.

That’s because our design team has identified that as different as these style classes may be, the best examples of each frequently feature the same elegance, utility and impeccable craftsmanship. Thus, a beautifully crafted contemporary bed in mahogany with a silver frame and tufted Italian fabric can stand alongside a classic 3-light sconce with bronze, crystals and Venetian glass, as each are complemented by their shared tenets of top-quality and sophistication that are apparent in both.

In order to ensure the ingenuity and refined taste are exemplified in every fabric, color and finish on display in our showroom, each piece is designed and chosen under the watchful eye of acclaimed tastemaker Kayvan Nahai. His eye and talent has allowed our team to become renowned throughout L.A. and across the globe as the premier home for ingeniously-crafted European designs that stand the test of time.