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The Naurelle Team is Known to Offer Exquisite Furnishings

For centuries, European furniture has been renowned as being among the most sophisticated and exquisitely crafted on the planet. That’s why, as home to a number of aficionados of first-rate furnishings, it should come as no surprise that the styles of the city of Los Angeles has long been influenced by Spanish and Italian design. When L.A.’s most distinguished and artistically astute residents look to imbue their own homes with the finest modern, traditional and classic furniture, they know to visit the showrooms at Naurelle.

As the premier high-end showroom for modern furniture in Los Angeles, Naurelle reflects the finest in elegant, simple and forward-thinking design. However, many supporters of contemporary design are surprised – and delighted to find that our traditional and classically-designed furnishings are equally stunning. That’s because we understand that true artistry transcends traditional labels like modern or traditional, and the finest craftsmen can excel in broad and diverse array of fields.

The innovative philosophy of our design team is largely influenced by the ingenuity of our founder, acclaimed taste-maker Kayvan Nahai. Through his choice of fabrics, colors and finishes, Mr. Nahai has cultivated an one-of-a-kind showroom that is celebrated for bringing the best of a wide variety of Italian and Spanish furnishings under one roof.

The Naurelle design division is wholly capable of designing your residence, from floors to the walls and ceilings, including all furnishings and lighting needs. No matter what style you’d like your home to exude, make sure it’s is achieved with stunning skill and artistry thanks to the team at Naurelle.

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