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The Sumptuous Beauty of Timeless European Furnishings

It is rate find the top aficionados of modern furniture in Los Angeles rubbing shoulders with those who appreciate the ornate perfection of classic or traditional furniture that was so commonplace in past eras. However, at Naurelle, we've embraced the progressive principles of contemporary design as well as the focused, meticulous artistry found in the most celebrated classic styles. This unique philosophy has allowed us to carve out a place for ourselves as one of the most revered showrooms for high-end furniture in Los Angeles.

Aficionados of luxury modern furniture are notoriously difficult to please – and understandably so. These sophisticated individuals place great value on elegance and function in their furnishings. Yet, what is often overlooked is that the finest contemporary furnishings and accessories also incorporate the same principles that allow the finest classic furniture pieces to remain so extraordinary even today.

President of Naurelle Kayvan Nahai understands this – and he has set out to build a collection that epitomizes the best in furnishings from classic, traditional and modern eras alike. From the most lavish chandeliers to the chic desk sets or sturdy, attractive dining room sets, every piece in the Naurelle collection exudes eye-catching flair that cannot be replicated.

The design team at Naurelle has overseen renovations and enhanced floor plans for residential homes, commercial showrooms, grand hotels and more. In fact, Mr. Nahai himself will visit your home to get a sense of how the Naurelle team can allow you to best exhibit your own personal taste within your home.

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