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Timeless Spanish and Italian Furniture has Found a Home

For centuries, European furniture has established a well-earned reputation for embodying the best in craftsmanship and artistry. However, too often, aficionados of Spanish and Italian furniture tend to focus on one specific design era, eschewing other, equally valid styles. However, the design leaders at Naurelle understand that the finest traditional, classic and contemporary-styled furnishings can transcend traditional labels and work together in innovative, utterly stunning ways.

Our unique philosophy toward high end furniture has led the team at Naurelle to garner a well-earned reputation as the premier furniture and lighting showroom throughout Southern California. We imbue our European designs with the type of ornate, finely crafted precision that has made Italian and Spanish furniture so highly coveted among design elites who know quality when they see it.

Much of what makes the Naurelle design team stand out is the wisdom of President of Naurelle Kayvan Nahai. His taste epitomizes high-end sophistication, and it is readily apparent in his choice of fabrics, colors, finishes and each handpicked item on display in our renowned showroom. While Mr. Nahai is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Naurelle, he has built a team that is equally dedicated to providing our clientele with the finest in design.

In fact, our design division has the capability and expertise to completely design each home from floors to ceiling, and various furnishings and lighting options throughout. If you've struggled to find the exquisite furnishings that truly embody your own unique tastes, don't hesitate to get in touch with Naurelle – we're confident you'll be utterly delighted with what you find.

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