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Turn to Naurelle for Help in Executing your Interior Design Scheme

If you've decided you want to start a whole new interior design scheme for your home and you need the luxury furniture to make it beautiful, Naurelle is the best for making your wish come true. Naurelle President Kayvan Nahai is well-versed in all forms of luxurious furniture, from exquisite traditional Italian furniture and lighting styles to modern Italian furniture. No matter your desire aesthetic, Mr. Nahai can make your interior decorations look fantastic and true to your initial plan. As a matter of fact, Mr. Nahai has helped the likes of A-list clientele and celebrities in their interior design, and feels confident that he can help make any homeowner's vision for their home come to life.

When people think of luxury furniture, it's opulent, handcrafted pieces that come to mind, and that's just what Naurelle offers, to a T. The tasteful furniture offered by Naurelle can outfit any room of the house, whether you want large pieces to fill a grand living room used for entertaining guests, or sleek executive desks and chairs for a home office or study. No matter your style, Naurelle can revitalize your home with the pieces you crave, and with the attention to detail you'd expect from experts.

Naurelle invites you to feast your eyes on our comprehensive showroom of luxury furniture, located on Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA. You may also browse our user-friendly website to find pieces that may suit you, sorted into traditional, classic and modern styles. We look forward to helping you outfit your home with European glamor.

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7970 Beverly Blvd.
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   Showroom Hours

Mon - Fri ...... 10:00am–5:00pm

Sat ...... 12:00pm–5:00pm

Sun ...... By Appointment